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MultipleChoice ValueList ???

Question asked by RaphaelVang on Jan 20, 2015
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MultipleChoice ValueList ???


   ...I'm getting dizzy about this little problem:


I have a Frontend / GUI, where I want to have a ValueList showing Data in different Languages (Set).

  In the GUI-File I have a language-selector already. lets say Finnish & Senegales...

The GUI File grabs the Data from an Related "Data-File".

The "Data-File" has the Fields A-Finish & And Field A-Senegalese  (Or, just call the fields X & Y), with one ID.

   How can I make the a ValueList in the GUI-File to show Field A-Finish, if I choose Finnish as Language in the GUI-File, or Senegalese, if choosen...    ??


I have tried a lot...  but I seem to stumble over my own feet constantly...

    Rather frustrating.