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    Multiplication calculation



      Multiplication calculation


      I'm new to FileMaker, and am requesting assistance in setting up a simple price list database.

      Said db has a price field, and I wish to calculate sales tax, and show the resulting value in another field.

      Can someone please provide some tips for solving this problem?

      Many thanks in advance....


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          Is the tax a percentage?  If so, and let's assume it is 10%, your calculation (result is number) would be:

          Price + Price * .10

          Since multiplication and division comes before addition and subtraction, price * .10 would be computed first and then added to the Price.

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            Thanks, LaRetta!

            How and where would I make the entries necessary for the calculation to be set up?

            What is the symbol that I must choose for this operation?

            I'm trying to get all of this done before an event related deadline which is nearly upon me, which is why I'm asking for assistance instead of plodding along on my own.

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              How and where would I make the entries necessary for the calculation to be set up?

              Go to File > Manage > Database and select the fields tab.  Your cursor will land in the Field Name slot at the bottom.  Type your field name, such as c_Amt_plus_tax and to the right where it says Type, change it to calculation, then click CreateIt is best not to use the field that you displayed above ... I suspect that it is standard text field and you should not have a slash in a field name. Delete it after you create your proper calculation or correct your field name and change its Type to calculation before continuing.

              You will place your calculation within the calculation box which pops up.  Do the following steps in this sequence:

              1) Find your price field in the list and double-click it to insert it into the calc box.

              2) Using the Operations from the middle section above, select the plus sign or simply type it (this is the plus sign)

              3) Double-click price again

              4) Type an asterisk or select it from the Operators (this is the multiply sign)

              5) Type your percentage or amount

              6) Say OK to the calculation dialog

              7) Say OK to now exit your field definitions

              8) Place your new calculation on the layout by switch to layout mode (View > Layout ) then select Insert > Field, find your new calc and double-click to insert it on your layout.

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                Before your answer arrived, I learned that OPERATOR is the name for calculation symbol.  That made it easier for me to find my way in regard to this matter.

                The software prompted me to change the field name, as the slash character it included was inappropriate for calculation purposes.

                I was successful (this time, anyway) in setting the field to calculate a value.

                Many thanks, LaRetta, for your advice!

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                  If I may continue with a related inquiry:

                  How can I set the software to add a comma to automatically indicate thousands in the W/Tax field?

                  The field name has been changed to With Tax, by the way.

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                    Set the display at layout level.  If using vs. 11 Inspector > Data and, at the bottom, number formatting.  If prior to vs. 11, Format > Number.

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                      I must have strayed from the proper procedure at some point.

                      Here's a screenshot of my layout and inspector setting:  http://picasaweb.google.com/mashikoboy/NewAlbum81710733AM?authkey=Gv1sRgCMTp2Ji6gKqPQA&pli=1&gsessionid=zIp89Qt3ACe5AzrE9Sf6CQ#5506139753707972226

                      No options are available under General format in Data Formatting.

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                        Instead of General format, change it to either decimal or currency.  Then below you will see checkbox for thousands separator.

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                          Your advice worked!

                          Setting up a database is not completely intuitive for this beginner, especially since I'm in a hurry!

                          Thanks so much for assisting me with this project!

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                            LaRetta, here is what is hopefully my last question:

                            I am now adding data to a database the file that I converted from Bento.

                            The grab shot (see link below) shows that the date format for the new data is different from that of the data from the Bento source.


                            I am assuming that it's best to have format consistency in the fields.  None of my attempts to change the format settings for Date Created and Date Modified fields (either new data or converted data) have succeeded.   Can you please teach me the proper procedure for accomplishing this?

                            Thank You.....

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                              Keep in mind that tax rates change. It's best not to "hard-code" the tax rate. Create a "Rates" table where rates are recorded and have your individual related record look up the current rate. In Canada where I live, the GST rate went from 7% to 6% to 5% and now the HST is 13%. Believe me, I'm glad I never hard-coded the tax rate.


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                                Rick, NOW I understand why such a suggestion was directed at me!  'Strange that I completely misunderstood its meaning when I first read it.

                                Since I'm in a rush to submit the data before a deadline, and I have something that works, I'm safe for the moment at least.  After the event concludes and my ability to concentrate returns, I'll create a Rates table, in accordance with your advice.

                                Please don't be surprised if I contact you again if I get stuck in accomplishing the above.

                                Thanks Very Much,