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    Multiplying custom values



      Multiplying custom values


      Hello all!

      I have a drop- down list with numbers (1,2,3,4,5) let's call it "numbers". 

      And then I have another drop-down list with custom values (A,B,C,D...) let's call it "codes"

      I want to create a "result" field to get a specific value. 

      A general type of what I want to do is numbers*codes=result

      Every code must have a specific, unique value, such as A=100, B=125, C=134, D=346 and so on. Note that these values are always the same. A will always equal 100.


      numbers = 1 * codes = B, result = 125

      numbers = 3 * codes = C, result = 402 etc...

      How should I proceed? I am a newbie, so please be thorough...


      Thank you very much! 

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          Numbers * Case ( Code = "A" ; 100 ;
                                     Code = "B" ; 125 ;
                                     Code = "C" ; 134 ;
                                     Code = "D" ; 346 )

          You can also set up a table of code letters and their values. This table can replace the custom values value list as your list of values and you can then set up a relationship matching a code field in your main table to a code table in your look up table to use to match a code to a value in this calculation. This is how a typical invoice solution multiplies a quantity times a unit price that is looked up from a products table when the user specifies a ProductID (your "code" ).

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            Thank you very very much! You helped a lot! Thank you again!