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Multiplying Numbers From different tables

Question asked by ClaudeTessier on Aug 12, 2014
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Multiplying Numbers From different tables


     I am new to Filemaker Pro, but have done a few databases using Access. The problem I am having is trying to summarize numbers from 3 different tables. I have 3 tables that I am working with.

     The first table contains 700 records, fields are  "Unit" (unique text), "Description", "Winter Rate" (per cent), "Unit of Measure", and "Group"

     The second table contains 3000 records fields are "Area", "Unit", "Description", and "Price". I have different 4 different prices for the same unit in 4 different areas.

     The third table contains 1200 records "Project", "Unit", and "Quantity". Different projects would require different quantities of unit to construct.

     The view I want would have the "Project Name", "Area", "Unit", "Description", "Quantity", "Price", "Price X Quantity", "Total Cost of Project for each area"

     Tried a few different methods but none have worked so far. When it has given me the "Price X Quantity" figure, it is just for the first "area" records in the second table.