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Murch database

Question asked by bscenefilms on Jul 31, 2009
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Murch database


Howdy folks.  My wife is a film / TV / Video editor and is prepping to re-edit a feature film.  Her methods of organizing data associated to a given project are pretty old school, yet she is very computer savvy.  The other day I pointed out the video of Walter Murch talking about how he uses FileMaker to manage his data when he is editing a project.  This got her excited about the product but then she asked how she might get ahold of the database template that Walter uses (and he also mentions that he has given it out).


Can anyone shed any light on this?  She is not a DB designer and really does not have time to build a system like this from scratch.  So does anyone know if there is any way to get ahold of Walter's database template?  I think if I can get this for her and buy a copy of FileMaker I will be her hero - briefly :)