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Music Achievement Report

Question asked by PatrickLollis on Mar 16, 2014
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Music Achievement Report


     I've successfully replaced a bunch of excel spreadsheets with one clean database to track my students' learning (over 500 kids). I now need to create a report for each student that shows their progress.

Here is the report I currently use. The first two pages show each achievement by skill and category (front and back of one page). Pages 3-5 are the same information, but arranged by grade. The box beside each achievement holds either the highest score on record or the mastery date. If the skill is marked as mastered, the cell is conditionally formatted for colored background with black or white text.

     In my opinion, this is a very dense, attractive, and useful report. Since FM can produce and email reports to ALL my students with ONE touch, I'd love to use a native layout for this.

     1. Can I get this report or something close to it out of FM Pro?

     2. If not, can I use another piece of software and query my database? What would you recommend?

     Thanks ahead of time!!!