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    Music Album Database



      Music Album Database


      My collection was on Microsoft Access, which I designed, comprised of 3 sections all interlinked as shown: -
      1. Artists - Artist ID No (automatically Increased with new one), First Name, Second Name, Group Name, Music Category
      2. Album List - Recording ID (automatically increased with each new one), Album Title, Year Released, Format (CD, Cassette, Record, Download), Linked to Artist ID
      3. Tracks - Track ID (automatically increased with each new one), Track No, Track Title, Track Length (in 00:00:00 format), Linked to Recording ID
      Input was via one screen incorporating the above.
      Reports were made for: -
      • Artists - showing details as per Item 1
      • Album List - showing Artist ID, First Name, Second Name, Group Name, Album Title, Format
      • Tracks - showing Artist ID, First Name, Second Name, Group Name, Album Title, Format,Track Title Length (in 00:00:00)
      • Fixed Time Track Query using 00:00:00 (say 00:05:10) - showing First Name, Second Name, Group Name, Album Title, Format,Track No, Track Title, Track Length (in 00:00:00)
      • Varied Time Track Query using 00:04:50 on one query then followed by 00:04:55 - showing First Name, Second Name, Group Name, Album Title, Format,Track No, Track Title, Track Length (in 00:00:00).
      I have been able to transfer the information as shown in Nos. 1, 2 and 3 with the auto numbering where necessary.  The relationships have been connected - Artist ID (in No 1) in to Artist ID (in No 2) then Recording ID (in No 2) to Recording (ID in No 3).
      So far so good as they say.
      Where I am stuck is: -
      Creating the single input for all the album information and the reports.  The track times are used for when creating AV Shows with digital images to ensure the track length, images, sound effects and spoken word all fit.
      So near yet so far as they say.
      Any assistance would be much appreciated, if you require more information just let me know.
      Geoffrey Darling

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          When you set this up in Access, did you use a SubForm of Tracks Records?

          This can also be done in FileMaker by setting up a Portal ot tracks on a layout based on AlbumList. If you are unfaimiliar with Portals, you can look them up in FileMaker help to learn the basic details.

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            Apologies for the delay in responding.

            In Access when creating the the screen for input of new albums 2 sub-forms were created by the programme.

            I have attempted to repeat this process in Filemaker with the result that when using Layout Mode  it creates some columns that I cannot read.  It may be that I am not proceeding correctly with the instructions or there is some difficulty when creating the various files?

            Thanks for your help so far, if you require any further information just let me know so I can finally solve the issue.

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              Can you describe what you have done and the results produced in more detail?

              To set up a portal, you first enter Manage | Database | relationships and define the relationship need for your portal. Then you add the portal to your layout, specify fields to be shown in the portal and any other portal properties such as a sort order or scroll bar that you may need. Once you have closed Portal Setup, you can resize, reposition both the portal and the fields with in it. While the Portal setup wizard defaults to a table like arrangement of the fields in the portal row, you are not limited to that format as you can move the fields around and resize things as needed to get the appearance and function that you need.