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    Music Library with Multiple Tabs



      Music Library with Multiple Tabs


      I have created a music library with multiple tabs i.e. Blue Amberol, Purple Amberol, Gold Moulded, etc.  


      After I add a photograph of Gold Moulded cylinder, the tab selection always ends up back at the first tab which is the Blue Amberol.  The photograph is added correctly, it is just annoying you have to go back to the Gold Moulded tab to continue with any other maintenance.


      What am I missing?

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          Thank you for your post.


          Assign an object name to each tab selection.  You can then specify in a script to "Go to Object [ name ]".  Therefore, if you need to add information to the Gold Moulded tab, assign the object value "Gold Moulded".  Then, you can use Go to Object [ "Gold Moulded" ] script step followed by the Insert Picture... step.  You will then remain in the Gold Moulded tab.


          Let me know if you need clarification for the above steps.



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