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Musician trying to be techno savvy

Question asked by BradyMassey on Feb 5, 2015
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Musician trying to be techno savvy


If anyone is willing to help, I am a band director who has used FileMaker Pro for a while.  I've got tons of databases, but would like to learn how to maximize what I have.

I would like to have my student information database link each student with their financial account.  For example, I have a good database for my kids' info, but have to use a separate database for all aspects of my program.

I would primarily like to link each student with a ledger that is unique to himself.  I could post debits and credits, and since it would be linked to my student database, would be able to access their financial records from within the demographic table.  

Is there a relatively easy way to accomplish this?  I've been reading the forum posts on inventory and other topics, but have not seen one dealing with this specific question.

Thanks so much to anyone willing to help!