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Muti criteria relationship works...- but a report??

Question asked by NicolaClarke on Dec 12, 2010
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Muti criteria relationship works...- but a report??



I will try and explain this as simple as possible.

I have a people database and an attendance database (seperate files - upgraded from version 7) They have a "normal" 1 criteria relationship, based on staff ID code.

I have then created a TO (in the people side) with a multicriteria relationship, based on a new ID code (it is unique - and i needed it to match only some of the data in the absence side, because not all is relevant) and 2 global fields - search start date, and search end date. (so, a 3 criteria relationship, it will only show info in the formula, if all 3 match)

Now, in a portal on the people side - this is working fine.. i can use the global fields to find between the two dates, and I then have a calculation that is based on the number of records in the portal field multiplied by itself, and then that figure multiplied by the total number of days that person is off. (bradford points calculation)

However, where do I then create a report??? I want it to show me the dates specified, but sorted by people, and then perform the same calculation (bradford Points) as above...  I have tried in the people side, absence side (but I don't see the TO, so have created another and it doesn't work.... 

I am getting lost.. and filemaker grumpy!!! And  My deadline is very close....

ANY help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advanced