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muti user related finds in a portal

Question asked by MikeDunglinson on Dec 13, 2009
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muti user related finds in a portal


I have a main customer file which is related to a stock (inventory) file. The user enters his find criteria into a Global Field (FIND ITEM) in the main file.

Then using a script I insert the calculated text "FIND ITEM" into the stock description field and perform a find. This finds the selected records in the stock

file. I then replace the contents of the "STOCK LINK" Field in the stock file using the contents of the Global FIND ITEM Field.


The Relationship is   Main File "FIND ITEM" =  Stock File "STOCK LINK"


So Now I can display the found items in a Portal on the main customer screen


This works no problem until I introduce additional users.Then if two users (or more) use the same script one of the users may lose some items

from his portal. This is because:


One may search for "glass"

another may search for "sight" 'glass'


The 1st user will find all records containg "glass" and they will have the STOCK LINK field set as "glass"

The 2nd user will find only records containing "sight" but some of these will also contain "glass". The STOCK LINK field is set as "sight"


The result is that the relationship link for the records found by the 1st user are partially lost and all records containing "sight" and "glass"

are taken out of his portal.

I have used Filemaker for many years (since V4) but I am struggling with this one. I would prefer to keep the "Portal finds" rather than take the

user to the stock layout when searching stock items



Any Help would be greatly appreciated