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    My Company logo on all layouts



      My Company logo on all layouts



           Can't believe I can't get this to work but... I've got a table in my system which has company details and a company logo. I have various layouts I printout (job sheets etc) and I have my company logo placed into the layout itself. If the logo changes, I can go into each layout and put the new logo on each layout.

           I want to get the layouts to look at the 'logo' field on the 'MyCompany' table and just put whatever it finds in there onto each layout. Change the logo once and it filters through to every layout that way. Simple, or so I thought... 

           Any ideas?

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               How do you have it set up?   Seems to me if you made all the fields in your Company Table global, then put those fields on every layout it should work fine.  Don't allow entry in browse mode on any layout except the Company Table layout, so no one can change the company info on any of the other layouts

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                 Argh, don't bother with that. Completely unreliable voodoo.

                 BUT you can create global fields in your one-record system table; and populate them from your startup script; and use THOSE fields to display on the layouts.

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                   Tried that to start with but wouldn't work, so I've gone back, deleted the table and reinserted values.. all working now!!! Thanks Bruce!

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                     It will work. No need to delete anything and it is worth learning to do this right.

                     You need to set the standard logo container field in the system table to hold your logo.

                     Then your startup script needs to go to a layout based on the system table, and set the global field to hold the container.

                     And continue with whatever else you do in your startup script. And of course - you do actually create and designate a startup script!

                     Layouts display the global field.

                     Of course you need to run the startup script while testing and setting things up.