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my database plus adding 2 starter solutions

Question asked by AndreaMenarik on Jan 14, 2011
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my database plus adding 2 starter solutions



I am using fmp11 and I have creating a database for my printing department for my inventory, archives and printing instructions. I have a few issues though.  I have entered all the info for the database but no scripts yet.  I am using windows 7 and a beginner to file maker pro in database creation.  I would like to be able to instant web publish my database afterwards. 

I am a printing department with over 1400 books that I print for 18 schools.  I need to find a easydata system to be able to catalog, inventory, all my files and to be able to send out purchase orders. I would like to use starter solutions  for some but how do I combine them together as i would need inventory and purchase orders to go in my database too.

  1. I would like to keep track of my inventory and would like a restocking alert when is gets to a certain number. How do I make a script for this action.
  2. I would like to also make another layout or have my database connected with a starter solution to make purchase orders so I could send to my teachers.
  3. Is it possible to enter a purchase order with amount needed for an order and for the amount to come off the inventory database automatically so I do not have to it manually.

Sorry if I didnt explain it well but any assistance would be appreciated.