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My First Portal:  No Portal Fields Displayed in Layout

Question asked by WarrenPage on Dec 13, 2013
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My First Portal:  No Portal Fields Displayed in Layout


     Hello, I am using FileMaker Pro 12 and need help creating a portal.  This is my first attempt at creating one, so I hope you'll bear with me. 

     A few months ago, I began working on a movie collection database.  I had to put it on hold, and am now getting back to working on it.  The movie database has a few many-to-many relationships, such as directors, actors, and genres. 

     My first portal is going to be for directors. I created a junction table for it, but am not 100% sure I did it right.  Let me first show you the table structure:

     MovieID (number, auto-enter serial)
     Title (text)

     MovieID (number)
     DirectorID (number)

     DirectorID (number, auto-enter serial)
     DirectorLastName (text)

     My first question:  For the junction table, should I set the DirectorID to auto-enter serial, or not?

     Now…the relationships are as follows:

     tblMovies/MovieID ---->  jnctDirector/MovieID
     jnctDirector/DirectorID ---> tblDirector/DirectorID

     Is this correct?  Now, about the portal…I tried creating a portal using the following tables and fields:


     I'm not sure if that's right.  The problem is this:  In Edit Layout mode, I see the fields displayed in the portal.  When I am in regular Layout mode, and try to enter a new record, the portal is empty.  It does not show any fields, and I cannot enter anything.

     Obviously, I'm doing something wrong.  Not sure what.  Can anyone please provide a tip or two to steer me in the right direction?  Thank you.  Warren Page


     PS:  I'd attach a .zip file of the database, but haven't figured out how yet.