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My IF statement is misbehving

Question asked by Stu412 on Jan 26, 2015
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My IF statement is misbehving


Hi there

I'm looking to return the higher of two summarised fields in a third field using an IF statement to do it.  For example, If A>B then A, else B:

If (SummaryProfitA > SummaryProfitB; ProfitA;ProfitB)

To display this against all records and rows, I summarise this result itself.

Whatever I do, with or without the final summary part, it only ever returns A.

I've even pulled numerical results completely from the formula and replaced with text "High" and "Low" to check the concept and this only ever returns High.

FYI, I have data in SummaryProfitB which is higher than A, so this should be producing a different result!