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My impossible task

Question asked by AnswerFeedback_11 on Aug 20, 2013
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My impossible task


     I am using FileMaker Pro demo.

     Trying to create a layaout where I can display contact information inside an invoice this way.

     - Field with Contact name from Storage Unit

     - Field with Contact name from Store No1

     - Field  with Contact name from  Store No2

     - Field with Contact name from  Store No3

     - Field with Contact name from  Store No4

     ...and so on

     I will never know what store I go to first or second ... from the storage. I want to click on any of the single line fields above and bring up a browse customers window, choose from an existing contact or create a new one. After I choose a contact , I want to only display the contact name in here ( to save space) . If I need to change that information I want to click back on field and bring back the contact browser to change it or create a new one.

     I tried to modify the invoice to display other contacts in the same page but all the field display only one contact. 

     Any suggestions will be highly apreciated.