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    My impossible task



      My impossible task


           I am using FileMaker Pro demo.

           Trying to create a layaout where I can display contact information inside an invoice this way.

           - Field with Contact name from Storage Unit

           - Field with Contact name from Store No1

           - Field  with Contact name from  Store No2

           - Field with Contact name from  Store No3

           - Field with Contact name from  Store No4

           ...and so on

           I will never know what store I go to first or second ... from the storage. I want to click on any of the single line fields above and bring up a browse customers window, choose from an existing contact or create a new one. After I choose a contact , I want to only display the contact name in here ( to save space) . If I need to change that information I want to click back on field and bring back the contact browser to change it or create a new one.

           I tried to modify the invoice to display other contacts in the same page but all the field display only one contact. 

           Any suggestions will be highly apreciated. 




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               Please explain what you are attempting to do in more detail.

               Storage Unit?

               Store no1?

               Explaining the purpose behind what you are trying to set up will also help.

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                 Delivery service.

                 -Warehouse/storage where materials are stored.

                 - Existing Customer 1 "BOB"  for which I have all the contact information calls in one day and sais. I need you to bring more stuff to a couple of my stores. So he gives me 4 NEW contact information complete with names, phone numbers and what they want. I have my list of material already and how much each cost. My problem is that I want to add/show those new 4 contacts to the invoice, so I can MANUALLY calculate distance between each location form the Warehouse. This is for display pourpose only ( to keep it simple until I learn more) 

                 - A NEW customer calls in and says, my name is JOE and I have 5 stores I need things delivered to from my  Warehouse. 

                 My task:

                 in the INVOICE ( comes with the program) I want add , maybe ONE NAME field  ( to save space) that links to an existing or create a new contact . The same way you click on the "+" to add another product. I want to do that with addresses. Just to display them. I try  a browser in the field, I can go to it, but I don't get to choose that record. I get nothing.

                 In my perfect world, I just click a filed, select a customer addresses, than select another customer and it automatically calculates the miles between. When do arrive at those locations I click a button and it records the time IN and OUT of each location. 

                 What kind of field/calculation I need so when click + I add can choose or create a new contact but in this particular field it only diplays the contact name. If I want to change it I click the name again, contact browser comes up and choose from the list or create a new record contact

                 I can only hope I explained myself. I don't speak filemaker ... yet. I am figuring out the ABC's of this program. Any bit on information will help.

                 Thank you for help




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                   Are you using FileMaker 12 or 11? (The invoices starter solution is different in each of these versions).

                   Do you want to associate the listed items on the invoice with these destinations?

                   (5 screwdrivers to Store #1, 2 Hydralic Jacks to Store #2, 4 Screw drivers to Store #3....

                   or do you just want to list the destinations in a separate list on your invoice without linking them to the individual items?

                   This sounds like you may need to have one Invoice with multiple Delievery records where the invoice lists all items purchased and the  Deliver records are one record for each destination with just the items to be delivered on it. That provides one invoice for billing purposes but individual delivery records for use by the personnel that pull the product and deliver it to each specified location.

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                     I am using Filemaker Pro .

                     The person who places the order is the only important person. The other are just to document the delivery.

                     If you look on the bottom right page on the file attached you will see my attempt to add an additional address fields. But it just lists the same contact information as the above. You see the little search green button. I don't need all the information. I only need a line with the name and the search button next to it. When I click on it, I can view/choose an existing customer or create a new one. In return I only need the name. I sometime end up with up to 10 deliveries from the same customer. that will make the form way to long. That is why I thought of only displaying the name of the customer.

                     Thank you 


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                       You are using FileMaker Pro 12. I can tell by the rounded objects on your layout.

                       As I understand this, you have a single Billing Address, the person paying for the order and multiple shipping addresses. I would think you'd need to specify which items are delivered to each address on your list, but that's a matter of how you run your business as to whether you need that or not.

                       You can use a portal where you can list multiple delivery addresses. By setting up a table of related reocrds for that portal, you gain the ability to list as many delivery addresses as you need.

                       The implementation details can vary depending on what works best for you. Will the list of delivery addresses for a given customer always be the same (perhaps you have delivery routes) or might they differ with each order?

                       I'm thinking in terms of setting up a related table of delivery addresses linked to the customer table. Then you can select from just the delivery addresses for a given customer to list those needed for a given order.

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                         Thank you so much for your advise. I really apreciate you help.

                          I used a portal where I list - to test - one single field for name. I setup a table of related records for that portal...the field in non editable, the "select customer asaingment" still brings up the same information on those fields. 

                         No matter what I do it still shows the same information on both. There is no pulling information from anywhere.   

                         Unfortunately I am done with this program. I can't take it anymore. I have spent way to much time on it. 

                         I don't understand how anybody can put up with this. There is no knoledge database and they direct customers to external sources to learn how to use their own software. It is only a matter of time for sombody else to come up with a more common sense / user friendly program and support.  


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                           If the portal does not list the records you expected, then either the relationship for that portal or how your layout is designed is incorrect. You are welcome to describe that portal, both the relationship and how you set it up on your layout if you want to discover what needs to be changed.

                           There is a link to a knowledgebase at the top of this screen. There are also numerous training resources available--including several books for learning how to develop relational databases with FileMaker Pro as well as videos on You-Tube.

                           This is not, however, a product that you can simply buy and start using in most cases. It takes time and effort to learn correct database design techniques to to apply them to your project FileMaker is Much simpler to learn than any other relational database management system that I know of, but that does not elminate the time needed to learn the relational database concepts needed for proper DB design.