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my remove list

Question asked by dahemac on Feb 26, 2009
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my remove list


I have a database of email contacts. It contains two tables. Table one contains all the contact information and table two is my "Remove" list and they are related by the "Email" field in each. Table one has a field called "Email Status." I want the "Email Status" field to display whether or not a corresponding email can be found in the remove table. The "Email Status" field is defined as "Auto-enter Calculation replaces existing value, Evaluate Always." The calculation is "If ( IsEmpty ( Lookup ( Remove::Email ) =0) ; "Remove" ; "Email" )."

This only works during data entry in the active table. I want the "Email Status" field to update all the records whenever new data is entered in the "Remove" table.

How can I get Filemaker to do the calculation?