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My Scripts won't Resume by pressing Enter Key

Question asked by FrankMoore on Jan 9, 2012
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My Scripts won't Resume by pressing Enter Key


I am running Filemaker Pro 11v4 on a MacBookPro running 10.6.8


My scripts won't continue to execute when I press the Enter key from the Keyboard. They will continue if I click on the Blue "Continue" button at the top of the screen when the script pauses. I have several scripts, and they all do the same thing when they reach the Pause/Resume Script [Indefinately] step. They reach the step where I input the amount, and the script will not continue when I press the Enter Key.  This is the first time I have done any scripting in FM 11. The scripts were written in FM 8 and have been saved as (.fm7). I am trying to modify the scripts in FM11. The example script is written to place the % Federal Withholding Tax into a file used to calculate withholding when given the amount paid.


I have the scripts assigned to buttons that let me enter various amounts in various fields that I then use to do Tax Calculations. At the end of the year, I have  certain amount of money in my PC, and I need to pay it out. I have a FM Database set up so I can enter how much money there is, and FM will then tell me what my Total Pay, Gross Pay, Net Pay, FWT, FICA, Medicare, Corp Tax Deposit will be given the total amount of money available.

This is the script I have set up to enter the % Fed Withholding Tax I want to enter:

Enter Browse Mode[]

Go To Layout ["Entry"]

Go to Field [Tax Calculator::Enter Data]

Select All

Clear [Select]

Pause/Resume Script [Indefinately]  (This is where the script seems to hang unless I press the "Continue" Button)

Go to Layout ["Tax Rates"]

Set Field [Tax Calculator::%FWT; Tax Calculator::Enter Data]

Set Field [Tax Calculator::Display %FWT; Tax Calculator::%FWT]

Go to Layout ["Buttons"]


Again, I have several scripts like this that have the Pause/Resume [Indefinately] step in them, and they all do the same thing.


Does anyone know what I am dong wrong? Why my scripts won't continue when I press the Enter Key?


I am not very expert in programming FM so I am sure that there are lot better ways to do this.


The following picture is of my start screen. The green fields are the buttons I have assigned various scripts. If I enter something using the Gross, Net, or Total buttons, it calculates all the other values in the first column. The values in this example were obtained by entering 1000 using the Total Button based on the values listed in the second column.


Thank you for any help.