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    My windows are too large



      My windows are too large


           I'm having a problem, when switching layouts using scrips, of the new window being way too darn big. I typically use Adjust Window>Resize to Fit. But I have a few layouts that I just can't. as Steve Martin would say, "get small". I've removed any artifacts that I might have dragged off in the Layout. I also have looked at the View size (Orange Box). I've even tried to set an exact window size by point size. It just seems to ignore all commands. In Inspector I can modify the Width Size, but Height is greyed out. Height is my issue.


           Any suggestions?

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               Do you have any layout objects on the layout with Bottom or Right auto-size anchors selected? That will slide or stretch an object to the limits of the layout and this can defeat the "resize to fit" script step. In those cases, you may need to specify window dimensions when yo open the new window.

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                 All my Autosize anchors are top and left, so it's not those. This is killing me. All of a sudden the window insists on filling the screen vertically. It ignores the resize to fit as well as any window size dimension I throw at it. I created a new, blank layout with just a text field. The theme frame is maybe 800W x 150H. Made a script GoTo Layout and Resize to fit. And the same thing happened. The window holds width, but fills up my screen top to bottom.

                 See if you can explain the screen shot. With nothing selected, it shows Width 815, but Height is greyed out. What cause that to be greyed out?

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                   With nothing selected, you only see the width of the layout. The height of the layout will depend on a number of factors, the height of each layout part, plus additional height for the top and bottom window borders, plus the height of the status tool bar and formatting tool bars unless they are hidden plus the number of records in your found set if the layout is currently viewed in List or Table View.

                   Might the layout be in list view when it should be in table view?

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                     The script is pretty simple. Select Layout, Enter Browse Mode, Adjust Window Resize to fit. I'm toggling back and forth from a condensed to an expanded view. The theme border shrinks and expands. The Window does not move in or out. I went back and swapped Resize Window to set dimensions. Again no movement. This is V13.0v2 which I just upgraded. I hope this isn't a bug.

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                       It might be a bug, but you never answered this question:

                       Might the layout be in list view or table view (when it should be in form view)? (munged that question in the previous post...)

                       If this is a windows system, check the display settings in the OS. See if you have specified a percentage other than 100%. If so, set it back to 100% and see if that makes a difference in the results.

                       For More Information see:

                       Bug #1:    http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/efaa7478a9?commentId=274844#274844

                       Bug #2:     FM13v02 - with fatal rendering issues!!!

                       These are two of many acknowledged bugs that can be found in the Known Bug List thread here in the Report an Issue section of the forum.

                       It can also be downloaded as a database file from:    https://www.dropbox.com/s/jt09b82i0xijbu3/FMP%20Bugs.zip

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                         Have you maximized your windows? This will keep your windows from getting too big or floating off the edge of the screen.

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                           I'm running Mac OS X.9.2. The layouts affected are either set to view in only Form or List. They all do the same thing - don't resize.

                           The Form layouts with a very small Body height, maybe 1/2", and just a couple of records - drops the layout to the full height of the monitor. Maybe it does.

                           My guess is, I started with one layout and kept duplicating it making all the modifications along the way. I might have artifacts somewhere in the layout, although I looked all over. Or, it might be the theme I'm using. I switched themes and Resize to Fit works.

                           Thanks for the suggestions.

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                             In which case, I'd try a completely new layout and see if I got the same results.