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Mysql Data Sources with FileMaker

Question asked by applelakshan1 on Jun 14, 2010
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Mysql Data Sources with FileMaker


Hi Guys


I need to learn how to setup mysql data source with filemaker pro. But still idid not  got succes. i want who some one can give me tips how to do that 



What i did So far

01. Downloa mysql ODBC driver from mysql

02. Download Xamp for mac

03. i create the xamp secure from command line by simply running that famuse command

04. Open ODBC MANAGER to setup my DSN Driver

05.$$$$ here i all ways get an  Error message (request retuned with mysql error)






2nd i tried


Open filemaker pro and External data sources it says


ODBC Error : [Mysql] [ODBC 5.1 Driver] Can't connect to MySQL server on ' (61)



Can some one post me a tip