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MySQL ODBC connector - ESS - UTF8 encoding

Question asked by kar on Jun 26, 2009
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MySQL ODBC connector - ESS - UTF8 encoding


Hello ,

I am trying to setup MySQL ODBC connection so that I can enter Russian text
from FileMaker to the MySql database using ESS.

The problem:
When I enter some Russian Text in FileMaker, the text is displayed correctly
until the record is committed. Once the record is saved in mysql, the field
is a replaced by a series of question marks. '???????, ????????'. Surely an
encoding problem, don't ??? think?

Has anybody come across this problem before?




The setup:

[MySql] version 5.1.30
Table: Charset utf8, Collation utf8_general_ci
Field: Charset utf8, Collation utf8_general_ci

[MySQL ODBC Driver] version 3.51
I have narrowed down the problem to the ODBC driver but I haven't been able
to find the correct setting to enable utf8 encoding.

The ODBC configuration has two Connect Options where I can specify the
Character Set, both hasn't helped solve the problem.

1. Initial Statement: SET NAMES 'utf8'

2.  Character Set: UTF8

3. Using the latest version of the ODBC driver (version 5.1):

Since I have had no success with the version 3.51 of the MySQL ODBC
connector, I wanted to find out if anybody out there has used or is using
the latest version of the MySQL ODBC connector (version 5.1).


[FileMaker Pro Adv 9/10]

Many Thanks