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    MySQL ODBC connector - ESS - UTF8 encoding



      MySQL ODBC connector - ESS - UTF8 encoding


      Hello ,

      I am trying to setup MySQL ODBC connection so that I can enter Russian text
      from FileMaker to the MySql database using ESS.

      The problem:
      When I enter some Russian Text in FileMaker, the text is displayed correctly
      until the record is committed. Once the record is saved in mysql, the field
      is a replaced by a series of question marks. '???????, ????????'. Surely an
      encoding problem, don't ??? think?

      Has anybody come across this problem before?




      The setup:

      [MySql] version 5.1.30
      Table: Charset utf8, Collation utf8_general_ci
      Field: Charset utf8, Collation utf8_general_ci

      [MySQL ODBC Driver] version 3.51
      I have narrowed down the problem to the ODBC driver but I haven't been able
      to find the correct setting to enable utf8 encoding.

      The ODBC configuration has two Connect Options where I can specify the
      Character Set, both hasn't helped solve the problem.

      1. Initial Statement: SET NAMES 'utf8'

      2.  Character Set: UTF8

      3. Using the latest version of the ODBC driver (version 5.1):

      Since I have had no success with the version 3.51 of the MySQL ODBC
      connector, I wanted to find out if anybody out there has used or is using
      the latest version of the MySQL ODBC connector (version 5.1).


      [FileMaker Pro Adv 9/10]

      Many Thanks

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          I am using the 5.1 driver.  I had the same problem with the 3.51 driver and english text.


          Been using the 5.1 driver since January.  No problems so far.  I can't speak to the effect with the Russian text...

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            You might want to try using the Actual Technologies' opensource db odbc drivers.  They have a trial you can try.


            When our company originally tried to use the mySQL odbc drivers, it crashed our FMS 9 server several times.  There are instances of table lock or database server unavailability that caused crashed by FMS with the mySQL odbc driver.  If you're going to use that thing, you might want to do a whole lot of testing with it.  The problem as far as we can tell was due to FMS not working with that odbc driver correctly by not having the coding to handle scenario where there is a connection problem or connecion interruption.

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              I guess I should have asked what OS you are using...


              Actual Technologies driver will work with Mac...the MySQL drivers should be fine with a windows machine.

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                Thank you very much for the suggestions.


                I have a FileMaker Server 10 on Windows server 2003. I am hesitant on upgrading the current MySQL ODBC connector 3.51 to the latest version 5.1 simply because FileMaker doesn't officially support it. What I am trying to find out is if there are issues with using MySQL ODBC connector 5.1 with ESS without doing an extensive testing. 



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                  We have been using it since January with no problems.  I obviously can't guarentee that nothing will go wrong.  But this is my experience with it.


                  Just make sure you backup everything and Create a restore point.


                  If something doesn't work.  Uninstall the driver and revert to the old driver.


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                    Could someone from FileMaker take an interest here?


                    The situation is that the MySQL driver 3.51.14 supported by FM does not allow control over encoding. According to the MySQL site, that facility was added in v 3.51.17, introduced in July 2007 (coincidentally, much the same time FM9 was released, including the ESS feature). The current version is 3.51.27.


                    So FM continues to rely on a 30-month-old driver that effectively makes ESS unworkable for many users. My FileMaker systems are remotely hosted by a firm who won't use an unsupported driver.


                    Are the changes between 3.51.14 and 3.51.17 so profound that FileMaker cannot adapt to them? When might this problem be overcome? Or do I have to move to a hosting firm who use Mac servers?



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                      I'm continuing to look for solutions to this problem, and slightly to my surprise have come upon stuff in the MySQL site that suggests that what we are dealing with here is not just an absence of control over encoding but an actual bug in the connector, which is resolved in v5 that FileMaker does not support:


                      illuminating bug dialogue


                      As I have already suggested: could someone from Filemaker take an interest here?



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                        Thank you for your posts.  I am trying to find out more information, but it is taking longer than anticipated.  I will keep you updated.



                        FileMaker, Inc. 

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                          Hi TSGal


                          Thanks. Your findings are eagerly awaited.


                          It does seem peculiar that after the grand announcements of partnership with MySQL, the supported driver hasn't changed in over two years. And neither I nor my hosting firm has been able to establish from documentation what encoding the supported driver uses (though from trial and error I am now pretty sure it is latin-1).





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                            I'm guessing that somewhere in FM Tower a team is working day and night to test a v5 MySQL driver with FM10?


                            Meanwhile, a contributor to the forum of our CMS system has obtained from someone in FM (sorry, he doesn't say who) the following explanation of the company's position:


                            "As new drivers are released, we do not retest and re-certify our
                            products with the newly released drivers, since we have already tested and
                            certified with a set of drivers we know will work with our products.

                            That being said, our products may function fine with the new drivers and
                            you are welcome to install and used these drivers, however because they
                            have not been tested or certified, should any issues arise when using these
                            drivers, we would not be able to provide any support assistance." 

                            Of course, this is a less than complete explanation of the situation with regard to FM10. When FM10 was launched, at the beginning of 2009, there was no change in the MySQL driver support - it remained stuck at v3.51.14, dating from early 2007 before FM9 was launched. A fuller version would be:


                            "When we release a new product, we see no need to test and certify it with up to date drivers, if we can get away with relying on older drivers that worked with our earlier products."


                            So far, I am still unable to persuade my hosting company to experiment with unsupported drivers. I'm still hoping you guys will deliver a way out ...



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                              Our Testing department confirmed they did test with 3.51.21, but other issues were introduced.  For example, there was an authentication problem where you could not login as user specified in ODBC client.  At this time, they have not completed compatibility testing with the latest version 3.51.27.



                              FileMaker, Inc. 

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                                I have managed to persuade my hosting company to try a more modern driver. They have used v5.1.6. Using the DSN they have set up for me (with character set =utf-8, they say) I am unfortunately still getting latin-1 encoding when I used FM to write to the MySQL database.


                                Any pointers on how to resolve this would be appreciated. Josh O: did you have to perform any tricks to get it working?



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                                     If you are using the plugin 360Works ScriptMaster, try to uninstall it or uncheck it & relaunch FileMaker
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                                       I am using no plug-ins.
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