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    Mysql one to many connection problem



      Mysql one to many connection problem



           We're thinking of using FMP 12 for a management front-end for a specific web service we're developing, but now we're encountering a strange problem which can be seen in the attached screenshot. When using a mysql database we can see everything (explore the database) but the moment we try to make a relationship between two tables only a one-to-one connection is possible.


           As you can see we've done a small test where we mimicked the database with a FMP version, which did allowed us to make a one to many connection. Is this a bug or a known limitation? In the last case the whole implementation of mysql is useless anyway is it?


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               What's shown is not a one to one relationship, but rather a relationship between unindexed match fields. The "T" connection, when used between FileMaker tables, indicates that the field is either unindexed, unstored or global.

               But I have this nagging recollection that this is not the case for External ODBC sourced tables so I suggest you check and see if the tables/relationships function correctly. It may be just how FileMaker shows the connectors for these data sources.

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                 Hi Phil, thank you for the answer, it made us looking for some other stuff which resulted in the following:

            •           Changing some settings in the mysql database (like innoDB)
            •           (Re)made a primary key with: INT (length 11) and set to auto-increment for the id.
            •           'Allow Null' for all other fields.

                 After this it worked :) It's a bit searching for a needle in the haystack...