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    MySQL over Internet?



      MySQL over Internet?


      I'm wanting to host a MySQL database on a websever and then have an interface in Filemaker that connects to the Database over the internet.


      Is this possible?  Would it be different than setting up an ODBC?  Would there be a better way to do this?


      Thanks in advance.



      **Note: I've used FMP for 3+ years and consider myself to be at an intermediate level.  I'll need the solution to work for FMP9 and up.  I only have a very shallow understanding of MySQL.**

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          Yes...it is possible.


          There are a few limitations...more with 9...less with 10...and some changes in 11 (because of new drivers and such).


          Depending on your setup and what you are doing in FM, there is a little bit more of a lag when performing certain tasks.  You need to setup a System DSN (same ODBC) and have the login info for the MySQL server (url, User Name, Password, etc).

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            Thanks for the quick response!  I think that gives me enough information to go down the road.  What type of tasks show the lag?  I'm guessing Finds, Sorts, Adding Records?

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              It depends a lot on the Web Server and its load.


              But yes, Sorts...Finds...sometimes Committing Records.  Any action that requires info to go back and forth between the FM file and the ESS.


              The larger the number of records involved in an action, the longer the lag.  That will affect your design considerations.  You just will need to find ways to limit the number of operations happening all at the same time (like not sorting 10,000 records and such).

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                Cool.  Thanks Again for the Info.

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                  I'm new to this forum and I'm trying to do exactly that: Synchronize a remote MySQL database with a local FileMaker database. Are there any pointers or FileMaker scripts that I could take a look at how to do this?


                  Thanks so much,




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                    Syncing data is slightly different than what the Original Poster was asking about.


                    1.  It's tricky.  There needs to be a lot of tracking going on in order to sync properly.  Not that it isn't possible, but unless you are an experienced developer, I would try an alternate route.


                    2.  The better way is to have a direct connection to the SQL source and then just back it up very regularly.  Or the other way around, use your FileMaker tables and back them up to a web server.


                    There are a lot of reasons for what you are asking.  Some idea of what you are doing will help get better advice.

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                      I'm new as well... trying to do something similar to what it sounds like the others are trying to do.


                      I have an ecommerce website with around 10,000 products. I would like to grow it by a factor x10. So I wish to use FM to make a connect to my site's mySQL db.


                      My site is based in Zen Cart, if you know it.


                      I do not have a clue how to create an odbc connection thru FM. Right now, all I want to do is create a connection so I can import the data/structure from the site's mySQL db.


                      Can somebody provide a link to a HOW TO when it comes to connecting FM to a mySQL on a web server?