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Mysterious Record Updates

Question asked by IsaacKnoflicek on Dec 1, 2014
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Mysterious Record Updates


I'm working with a modified version of the Invoices Starter Solution in FileMaker 13 and I've added an auto-enter modification timestamp field and an auto-enter modification account name field to the "Invoice Data" table. 

For the most part these fields work as expected, however we've had 2 instances in the last month where somehow a user has touched all the records.  In both cases it looked like whatever they did just updated the timestamps, I don't see any other bulk changes.

In both cases I had the users repeat what they were doing but I haven't been able to recreate the timestamp update.

In one case it was a power user with limited layouts available who was just entering invoices.  In the more recent case it was an admin working in the data sheet view of the "Invoice Data" table.

Obviously there's something unique happening and I'm wondering if you guys have any ideas on either buttons or keys they could accidently be hitting that could cause this, or if you have any ideas on how I could prevent or diagnose it in the future.