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Mystery record has no data; corrupt file?

Question asked by disabled_JustinClose on Feb 5, 2013
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Mystery record has no data; corrupt file?


     We discovered a record in a file that showed up as question marks for the data.  In looking at it in Table view, it doesn't even have auto enter information (such as a PK/ID that we give to records) - just question marks.  Exporting the record shows an empty line.  

     The record DOES have a Get(RecordID).  When sorted by that ID (i.e. the default sort order, I believe) the record falls amongst a number of other records from 1/30.  The person who created those other records doesn't recall anything odd happening.  The RecordID for the records above and below this one are not sequential (there are a few missing on either side).  

     Doing a file recovery doesn't list any changes on the summary, nor are there any results when searching the log for the prescribed list of words that Alexi Foldger (of FMI) has recommended:   error|warning|modified|changed|dropped|damaged|invalid.  However, when I search through the log for the table that was affected I do find an entry saying that an index was adjusted and that the new record count is different than indicated (by -1).  And the resulting file doesn't show the mystery record.

     So, the question really is is this record a problem?  Can I just manually delete it from the file?  Or should I go through the recovery process to remove it?