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mystified by many-to-many

Question asked by KBGF75 on Jul 26, 2011
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mystified by many-to-many


I’m looking for help in establishing a many-to-many relationship.


The existing FMP9 file for this non-profit consists of two main tables: Contacts and Donations. The records are related by the contactID value in a one-to-many relationship. My task is to add a table of fund-raising campaigns, one record for each.


Info in each Campaign record will include an ID, name, dates, target amount, etc.  Each Campaign record is to be related to a set of Contact records, i.e. the set of names to which the appeal for donations was sent. The general objective is to record data that can be used to evaluate (1) the collective response to each campaign and (2) each contact’s responsiveness to a slowly growing set of campaigns, maybe three per year.


I’ve assumed this is possible, and I think it requires a many-to-many relationship: many contacts (in the high hundreds) related to a specific campaign, and many campaigns related to a specific contact.


I’ve created a Campaigns table plus a Join table to link Campaigns to Contacts.  The Join table has three fields: linkID_pk (to serialize the link records) and two match fields, one each to relate to Campaigns and Contacts.  I inserted portals for Campaigns and Contacts in a Join layout.


I’m not sure what I’ve done so far is right. Even if right, I’m having trouble visualizing the next steps in the setup process. E.g., what are the steps needed to relate a group of contact records to a new (or existing) campaign record?  Although I’ve looked at Filemaker Help, the FMP9 User’s Guide, J. Stars’ book, and postings/tutorials in this forum, I still don’t get it. Thanks in advance.                    -Al