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n00b to FMP and trying to grasp head around it... Please Help

Question asked by ChipGettler on Aug 13, 2010
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n00b to FMP and trying to grasp head around it... Please Help


So As I said in Subject.. I'm new to File Maker Pro. I've seen and heard abot it in the past, and fgured it might fit our needs perfectly..

The question I have is, This is a DATABASE.. so where does the data get stored???

Second question, I currently have a bunch of NEEDED data in a MSSQL database. I've learned the import process, so does Importing those in to the File Maker Pro now mean that they are NO LONGER connected via ODBC to the mssql server?

I guess what I'm trying to accomplish is to have ONE repository where I can update product numbers, users can add notes about products, and tasks, and this all end up to be synced with a SQL server.

By Importing am I dong thsi the wrong way? Do I need to connect or link to it somehow?

If I do the linking, any changes the users do to allowed fields, will that change be reflected in SQL? or does this all still reside in a FMP database?

Also we do nto own the server version, as we will ony have 3 users ever connecting to the website to modify.

Thanks I look forward to learning more and more