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Name change based on another field

Question asked by daveealex on Feb 8, 2010
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Name change based on another field


I know i have seen this but i can not find it. I have 3 fields, 1. a year field, 2. a calculation field that subtracts the year field from the current year, and 3. name field for the calculation field. If the calculation field is 0 or 1 the name field should read Active. If is greater than 1 it should read Expired. if it is only 0 and 1 i can use a boolean, but this calculation field can be between 0 and 5.  I have tried this calc(and many others) but it does not work


If ( dbase::status ≥ 1 ; "Active" ; "Expired" )


If the database field status is equal or less than 1 use active if not use expired       (plain english)


Thanks for any link or help with the calculation