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Name summery

Question asked by Forgedbyfire on Sep 28, 2009
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Name summery


My problem is I have a list of records and I want to create basically a alphabetic summery field that I can then us to illuminate a tech's name.

I basically have a list view of my records for that day that have the the techs I have assigned to them. I then would like to illuminate a simple label using conditional formatting to indicate that a tech has been put on a list that way no one is forgotten. I have can light 1 to 2 names at a time if you are on the record that contains the name you are looking for but ignores all other tickets. I would like to simply compile a list of all techs in a summery and then use conditional formatting to check and see if the name is on it. It is just a simple way for me to visually make sure every one on my list is assigned. Ultimately If I could make the label change as the employees change that would be ideal, but I have no problem creating them and deleting them as the come.<!-- POLLS -->