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Names question

Question asked by LynneaKleinschmidt on Jun 17, 2013
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Names question


     I created a FileMaker Pro 5 database for organizing old family photos several years ago.  I have printouts of the records and want to take up the project again.  I know what information I want to include, but I don't understand how to duplicate one thing.

     In the old program, I had a complete list of full names of people who appear in the collection of photos.  Next to each name was a box. I put a X in the box when the person appeard in the record (i.e., in the individual photo).

     Having this list of names and the X in the box certainly saved in data input problems.

     How would I replicate this in FileMaker Pro 12?

     Would it be possible to search on the names  in the list and retrieve the records in which they appear (i.e., have the X in the box?


     Is there a way to create a master list of names and then add a name "on demand" without having to input each name to a record?

     Any help on this problem would be appreciated.