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Names scriptable in «Perform Find» script step? — Feature Request

Question asked by gczychi on Apr 19, 2010
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Names scriptable in «Perform Find» script step? — Feature Request




The Perform Find [] script step lets you calculate the search string. But in order to really make it useful and the script code reusable, you should be able to also calculate the table and the field name of the find request.


Or am I missing something?  Is there any other way to define table and field names and perform a Find?

(I can't use the QuickFind, it's to unspecific)


My situation: I have written a rather long script with one Find operation in it and want it to be reusable for other fields. It would be very easy if I could just call the script with the field name as a parameter, but now, I have to copy the script a zillion times for the other fields and hard code the field name…   :-(


Thanks a lot for any suggestions,