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Naming a PDF file

Question asked by Michelle_1 on Jul 15, 2012
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Naming a PDF file




I have set all the Parameters for automatically naming PDF files after my lists.

Now i am stuck with the formula for the name.

OK, if i want the name of the file to be ONE of the fields of my table or list its all fine, but i need it to take 2 fields ex:

I have a Field "Worker number" and a Field "Month"

I need the PDF to be named: 123April.pdf.

I created a field on my Table called "PDF name" and i try to create a formula that unite those 2 fields in one.The problem is that i dont have any knowleadge about such terms and functions :(

Something like

Get (MyTable::WorkerNumber) AND (Get MyTable::Month)

Does anyone knows how to build such formula?


Tx very much!