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Naming and scripting a move to a Tab

Question asked by HugoLidia on Sep 7, 2014
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Naming and scripting a move to a Tab


Can't seem to find this in help nor on forum search...

I have a tab control panel with 6 tabs.  I have named the first tab, via the inspector "WIP Input Tab", but when I include this Object name within the script to ensure the User is moved there no move occurs, instead the current tab is swtiched to Input Mode.

Issue to be checked :

1. That Tab 1 (with object name : WIP Input Tab) is correct.  Do I also need to give the whole Tab Control Panel a name too?  Shouldn't think so, as point is to use Object Name i.e. unique name

2. Script, is on a button "New Record", using the OnObjectEnter Event.

3. Simple script :

Enter Browse Mode[]

Go To Layout ["Quotes & Work in Progress"(clients)]

Go To Object [ Object name: "WIP Input Tab"  ]

Next Record Request


So, tell me what is the obvious thing I am not doing ?  TIA

(System Windows 8.1, FMAdvancedPro12, LAN, 4 users.)