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naming and sorting sub summaries by Contact names.

Question asked by CStovin on May 17, 2013
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naming and sorting sub summaries by Contact names.


     I have a list layout that is using a number of fields from Inventory, Lines, Order and, Contacts.

     The report I am generating shows all inventory items which are signed out.  I perform a script on layout enter:

          Show all Records

          Enter Find Mode[]

          Set Field( LINES::items_out;"*"

          Perform Find []

          Sort Records [ Restore; No dialog ]

     The sort is done by Contacts::full_name


     In the body of my Report Layout the Layout Setup is defined to show Records from LINES.   After the body I have a Sub - Summary Part by CONTACTS::full_name (Trailing ).  In the sub summary I have a merge field <<CONTACTS::full_name>>

     I want to have the sub summary automatically generate sections with the persons name.

     As it is, the Layout displays all the items out, and sorts them perfectly by name, but groups them all together.  If I have three contacts with and they each have 10 items out.  I want the sub summary to create 3 properly named sections.  As it is, it only creates 1 sub summary section at the bottom of the sorted "30" records and displays only the last person's name in the list.

     I've tried changing the layout set up to use records from different tables but that seems to reduce the amount of displayed items_out.

     Perhaps the CONTACTS::full_name needs another table occurance to my LINES ???