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Naming exported excel file with clipboard contents

Question asked by FilmUser on Mar 18, 2014
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Naming exported excel file with clipboard contents


     I have a scripted export to excel for several fields in a found set. The script does a find, and some other things, then exports an excel file, then sets a field in every record to the effect that it has been exported.

     By the time the export happens, the value from one of the fields is on the clipboard, and I would like to name the exported excel file with this name, maybe by pasting it into the naming dialogue, which I can't get to show up, whether the "Perform without dialog" is checked or not.

     Can I do this? I can't seem to make this happen. I can name a Worksheet tab, but not the file. Even a manual "paste" during a pause in the script would be better than not at all.