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Naming Fields

Question asked by Frinholp on Mar 14, 2011
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Naming Fields


Although I am quite a way through the development of my project, I have decided to have to change a few things using methods/techniques and improvements that I have picked up during the lifespan of this project - I started as a total newbie to FM.

Some of these amendments concern the initial structure of tables and whilst I am dealing with this, I am considering changing the syntax of my field names. As I have developed in other languages previously, I have stuck to my roots and used methodologies such as camel case etc.

During development I found it particularly tedious that if I was to parameterise a script, at times I would have to pass through the field name and also it's 'real world name' in instances where dialogs have to be displayed.

Can anybody see any issues with changing a field name from say 'FName' to 'First Name'? This is so I can re-use a script that displays a dialog using say Get(ActiveFieldName). Thus, without having to pass a seperate parameter and the output would be eliligable English.

I read somewhere when I started this project that no spaces should be used in field names allowing better compatability with other data sources e.g sql.  

Could field names not be mapped from one source to another? Can anybody see any potential shortcomings?

Any input would be appreciated,