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Naming issue: storing container data externally

Question asked by MichaelLawrence on Oct 21, 2012
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Naming issue: storing container data externally


     I've got a FMPro database that pulls an image from a security camera into a container field. I'm using the 'store data externally' option for container fields under the field options tab. The issue I'm having unfortunately is that we would like to have the date and timestamp in the filename.

     I know that the 'Export Field Contents' option will let me be more specific to the filename but if I rely solely on this function to store the data, I'm forced to unlick the 'store data externally' option which makes all the images I'm inserting with the 'insert from URL' function store internally, which makes my database huge.

     I know its something I can put in the Open storage dialog box, but I anytime I put the date in there the fact that the date contains forward slashes messes everything up.