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    Naming layout elements



      Naming layout elements


           Is anyone else naming their layout elements, such as back and forward buttons, buttons to navigate records, search fields etc. If someone’s practise this, can they say what advantages it has and where they find it useful ultimately?

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               It depends on what you mean by "name". You can assign object names in the Inspector's name box. Is that what you mean?

               I only add object names on an "as needed" basis, such as when I need to use Go to Object or GetLayoutObjectAttribute and thus need an object name to get things to work.

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                 Yes it is the inspector name box that I was referring to.

                 I see, I got into the habit recently of naming my objects, maybe I though it would help for replication purposes, but I had no clear idea of their purpose. I understand about scripts but I have not implemented said calls so I probably need to read up on some of their implementations.