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Narrowing a portal content

Question asked by bvondeylen on Dec 6, 2012
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Narrowing a portal content


     I cannot remember how to narrow a portal contents.


     I have a portal that displays student name, school year, school, grade


     I would like to have some global fields for school year, school, grade

     If the user select a school year, all students active in that school year would display

     If the user then select a school (along with school year), only students in that school year AND school would display

     If the user then selects a grade leve (along with school year and school) only those students active in that school year at that school in that grade level would display.


     I have a relationship between my Global Table and Student Table matching the 3 fields, but that requires all 3 global fields to be filled in to work (otherwise nothing displays in the portal).


     Any quick help would be appreciated.