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    Narrowing a search for records



      Narrowing a search for records


      So I have this FMP database i have created, I would like to generate a report showing "Follow Up Dates" for my sales reps.


      I have created a layout with:


      sub-summary for the follow up date,

      sub-summary for the sales rep

      sub-summary for the hotel

      Body, showing contact, phone, and comments.


       It works, but it also shows ALL the other records.


      I would like to narrow it down to only the ones with follow up dates


      How would one narrow the search?

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          A subsummary report is based on the found set of records. Therefore if you perform the search and then report you will have what you need.


          Enter Find Mode [ ]

          Set Field [ FollowUp; "*" ]

          Perform Find []



          Go to Layout [ Report ]

          Sort Records 

          etc etc etc