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    Narrowing down value lists



      Narrowing down value lists


      I'm trying to build a database for archival records.


      Each archival document comes from a file in an archive.  I will be using many different archives, which each contain many different files.


      All the documents will be entered into a standard "Document" form.


      When I create each new "Document" record, I'd like to input an Archive (from a pull down menu) and then input the file information via another pulldown list which will show only those files in that particular archive.  


      How do I do this?

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          Howdy Raider,


          This topic has been covered many times on the forum already...but you need to know the words to search for.


          Do a search in this forum for "Conditional Value List". 

          The values available in the second field's value list are 'conditional' based on the value of the first field.