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Native AppleScript Trouble

Question asked by BenjaminBaird on Mar 8, 2012
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Native AppleScript Trouble


I have a script that uses Native AppleScript to upload a file by ftp. Here's the relevant portion:


# select file and convert : to / in path
set upload_file to choose file
set upload_file_text to (upload_file as text)
set upload_file to POSIX path of upload_file_text


# upload the selected image
do shell script "curl -T " & upload_file & " -u user:pass"


It works great...until I try and run it from any other computer other than my own development machine. The entire script will run perfectly, but the file will not upload. It throws no errors. I thought maybe curl wasn't being called correctly, so I passed a malformed statement and the script fired back an error, so I don't think its a problem with that. I tried using a full path to curl (/usr/bin/curl) as well. Nothing.

Even stranger, if I copy and paste the code into AppleScript Editor on any of the machines and run it, it executes perfectly. All these machines are running some version of OS X 10.7.

Any ideas why this would only work on my development machine and fail on every other one? Is there a FileMaker setting I could have enabled on my machine and forgot about?