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Natural order in dropdowns?

Question asked by mattb on May 9, 2010
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Natural order in dropdowns?


I have a dropdown box that is stuffed from a value list which is based on one field in a table.  The problem I'm having is that when the field values appear in the dropdown, they show up in alphabetical order, which would be OK if I wanted that, but I don't!  I want the field values to appear in the dropdown in the same order as they are entered in the table - how do I do this?  I tried getting complicated by using a secondary field in the value list to keep the order, but that didn't do the trick...I don't want to display values from 2 fields in the dropdown and if I only display the secondary field's value, the user's choice won't get saved because only the field containing the primary value does.  Help!




Matt Bloomfield