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Navigate by script to Portal in tab

Question asked by PeterDowns on Aug 25, 2011
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Navigate by script to Portal in tab



thanks for all your advice in previous postings it has been tremendous.

I have a parent layout "Record Detail - Projects" with a series of tabs containing portals. This is all good. What I am trying to achieve is on tab1 -  portal 1 I have projected costings for future activities. On tab 2 - portal 2 as the activites occur they type in their actual costings. So to promote laziness and avoid user frustration I have set up a script that copies a record from the projected costings and puts it into the actual costings records. This script is activated by a button from a record in portal 1.

I have tried it 2 ways - 


I did a Copy Record/Request and then set the fields with all the values.

Copy Record / Request
Set Field [Project_RelatedTasks::Name_Task; ProjectedCosts::Name_Task] 
Set Field [Project_RelatedTasks::Qty; ProjectedCosts::Q] 
Set Field [Project_RelatedTasks::Task_Cost; ProjectedCosts::ItemCost] 
Set Field [Project_RelatedTasks::Description; ProjectedCosts::Description]  
Commit Records / Requests [Skip Data entry validation] 

This worked perfectly except it copied the values over the first existing record in the actuals list in portal 2, rather than in a new record.

2nd way

I used this Script:
Set Variable [$TaskName; Value:ProjectedCosts::Name_task]
Set Variable [$Q; Value:ProjectedCosts::Qty]
Set Variable [$Cost; Value:ProjectedCosts::ItemCost]
Set Variable [$Descript; Value:ProjectedCosts::Description]
Go To Layout ["Record Detail - Projects"(Projects)]
Go to Field [Project_RelatedTasks::Name_Task]
Go to Portal Row [Select; Last]

New Record / Request
Set Field [Project_RelatedTasks::Name_Task;$TaskName]
Set Field [Project_RelatedTasks::Qty;$Q]
Set Field [Project_RelatedTasks::Task_Cost;$Cost]
Set Field [Project_RelatedTasks::Description;$Descript] 
Go to Portal Row [Select; Last] 

This worked well and put it in portal 2 but created a whole new project record rather than in the existing portal record.

Because both portals are on different tabs they are still both on the same layout - "Record Detail - Projects"
So I need some help in placing the data into a new record in portal2 in the existing project. Any ideas??