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    Navigate from portal selection.



      Navigate from portal selection.


      I’m relatively new to Filemaker, coming from a deep Access background. My experience with Filemaker is at a novice level. I’m trying to re-implement an existing Access “Job Costing” project in Filemaker.

      I’m trying to set up some navigation from a salesman’s record to a related customer record in a new layout. In the Salesman’s layout I have a portal showing all his customers. I would like to turn the customer’s name into button, so clicking on the name would navigate me to the Customer Layout and the single record (found set) for the customer whose name was clicked on in the Salesman Layout.

      The files are related through with a SalesmanID key in the salesman record and SalesmanIDsk sub-key in the customer record.

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          A field can be turned into a button just like any other layout object can.


          Select it in layout mode and choose Button Setup... from the format menu to specify the button action you want.


          Go To Related Record is made to order for this purpose. GTRR can be dangerous in some situations, but it's pretty safe for this. Read the help system to learn more about the many options to choose from when using this script step.


          If you are using Filemaker 10 or older, this thread may help fill in some of the blanks and documents the danger areas. (Filemaker 11 help, now documents the cases where this script step can have unexpected results.)


          Go To Related Records is a very useful tool, but can be hazardous if you don't properly trap for errors. To learn more about GTRR, click the following link:

          The Complete Go To Related Record

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            Thank you for a quick reply PhilModJunk!


            I will read up on "Go To Related Record"