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Navigate to Parent Record from different Table

Question asked by JerryAPowers on Mar 25, 2010
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Navigate to Parent Record from different Table


I'm sure the solution is simple but after hours of searching this and other forums I cannot find an answer.  I have an application that has multiple tables.  The 2 tables involved in this includes a "Real Estate Agent" database containing over 4000 records.  The other table is the Property database in which I have a Relationship between the 2 tables joining the Real Estate Agent Full Name.  I would like to have button in the Property table with the Real Estate Agent that allows the user to quickly navigate to that Agent's record in the Real Estate Agent database.


I thought that the solution was Go To Related Record but I can't seem to get it to function.  So far, the single line script is:


Go to Related Record[Show only related records; From table: "Real Estate Agents"; Using layout: "Form View Real Estate Agents" (Real Estate Agents)]


When I run the script from the Property layout nothing happens.  What am I missing here?


Thank you for any assistance!