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Navigating a Long popup/dropdown List: How to Simplify

Question asked by keebrook on Jan 5, 2013
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Navigating a Long popup/dropdown List: How to Simplify



     My company holds training classes multiple times a month in various locations. I am trying to upgrade our database to incorporate an easier way to register students for classes.

     Currently, to register a student for a class, I go to the Student’s page where I find a portal (student-to-class join). The portal contains a popup menu that lists all records from the Class table, e.g. I see a list of every class ever taught/will be taught. The list is over 400 classes long, and will continue to grow.  After scrolling through and clicking the appropriate class, the portal creates a new record in the Student-to-Class join table that links that student to that class.

     The popup menu is a list of all Class ID’s but only displays a secondary field, “Class Full Name”, which is a calculation of Course Name, Class Location, and Class Start Date. It looks something like this: “Course 1: Orlando, FL 10/24/2012”.

I need a simpler way to navigate this list of hundreds of classes when registering a student for one. I have tried a variety of solutions, but nothing seems to work. I need a fresh pair of eyes and am open to all suggestions! 

     Thank you for your help!