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Navigating record to view in portal

Question asked by KenPorter on Dec 7, 2014
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Navigating record to view in portal


In a nutshell, I'm looking to advance the record being viewed in the portal by one each time the record in the form layout is advanced by one.

Less nutshell:  I'm attempting to create a Form layout which will display one record (essentially a list of fields) side by side with the same fields from the next adjacent record in the found set.  In this way, (using a unique ID key, and associated filters & sorts) I can have pairs of duplicate records - or more importantly "near duplicates" grouped together in the found set.  Now I'm looking for an ergonomic way for a human to compare the records side by side and decide which one stays, which goes, or which, if any field contents should be copied or moved from the right side to the left. 

I've gotten as far as portal which shows related records from "Contact Management 2" which in the Manage Database | Relationships window, is a duplicate of my main "Contact Management" table.  I can get the portal to display the fields I want.  I'm confident I can get field values to move back & forth as necessary.  What I'm missing is how to navigate the record in the layout and the record in the portal in parallel/sync, but keeping an off-by-one relationship. 

If this isn't making sense, let me know and I can try and elaborate some more...  If it is making sense, I'd be appreciative of ideas on how to make the magic happen.

 - K