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    Navigating records using filtered drop-down menu



      Navigating records using filtered drop-down menu


           First of all, please excuse me if my terminology is wrong; I'm used to using FileMaker in French.


           I have student records for which I select a Student Type (via a check box on the student data layout).  I have several different layouts, one for each Student Type, through which teachers manage certain data for the respective Student Type that they are in charge of.  I would like the teacher, within their individual management layouts, to be able to navigate the records for only the students that correspond to their Student Type, and furthermore to be able to do so via a drop-down menu populated by only the names of the corresponding students.

           Here is what I have done so far:

           - teacher click a button to acces their management layout

           - scripted so that it finds all the corresponding Student Type records upon launching the layout

           Question :

           How do I now use those found records to populate a dropdown menu with the students' names so that when the teacher choses one of the names, it activates that record so that they may work in it in the management layout?

           I hope my question is clear... I'm obviously no pro and would appreciate any help! Thanks!!!