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    Navigating to a TAB



      Navigating to a TAB


      I am creating a HELP table for my app.  Clicking on the help icon takes one to the Help table to the record explaining that screen.  I was doing great until I got to the layout with three (3) tabs. 

      My script is to capture the layout name to a variable, and then by script navigate to the Help Table and find the record that has that layout name in the field for that help text.  

      The layout only has one name.  How can I differentiate the different tabs?

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          You have to give each object a name.  Click the first tab you want to name then from the inspector click position.  The first item is Name, this is where you name the object.  then you use Go to object in your script then click specify, then enter the name of the object.

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                 I am coming back to this problem in my design.  I have a Data Entry screen (1st tab).  There might be a 2nd tab or a 3rd tab.  I am putting a HELP button on all screens.  Clicking on the button captures the layout name to a variable.  Then I pass this layout name to the Help Table.  It searches for the name and goes to the record with the HELP Information.  All works great except if I want to go to the Help for the 2nd or 3rd tab.  The layout name.

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                   GetlayoutObjectAttribute with the Isfrontpanel option can be used to identify the currently selected tab in all versions of FileMaker.

                   In FileMaker 12, you also can use a new scriptTrigger: OnTabSwitch with a new get function: Get ( TriggerTargetTabPanel ) to identify the currently selected tab panel. With this option, you can have a OnTabSwitch preformed script set a global variable with the name of the currently selected tab panel for use with your help script.

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                     Thanks Phil.  I had not found that new item of v12.  I need to get a reference book to really learn the new items